World Championships – A Longer Journey – Road to Los Angles 2028

Nikita is lives in Palmer South Australia, she is visually impaired and has just completed her Paralympic Cycle with the Women’s Australian Goalball team.

The Women’s team along with the Australian Men’s Goalball team flew out on the 10th November to make their way to Hangzhou, China for their last chance to qualify for the 2024 Paris Paralympics.
Below are each of the Women’s teams game results that we played in:

Aus 0 V Japan 3
Aus 7 V South Korea 2
Aus 4 V China 10
Aus 1 V Thailand 1
Semifinal: Aus 3 V Japan 8
Bronze Medal Match: Aus 3 V South Korea 4 – at the end of the game the score was 3-3, it then went into golden goal which is where the team goes into 2 x 3-minute halves with the first team to score wins. South Korea was able to score within the first half of overtime, with the final score being 4-3.

Although the team wasn’t able to qualify for the 2024 Paris Paralympics, losing to these teams was disappointing however they are able to hold their heads high as Japan, China and South Korea have all qualified for the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games. They played against the best of the best and can compete fiercely.

The Women’s Australian Goalball athletes will begin our training again to prepare for the next Paralympic cycle for the 2028 Los Angeles Paralympics.

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